Book Marketing Trends of 2016

Book Marketing Trends

How To Excel Your Book Marketing for 2016

The book marketing world is continuously changing and evolving like never before. It is immensely important to stay knowledgeable of new tools and strategies. These 5 important book marketing trends will help you stay on top in 2016.

1. Larger Use of Crowdfunding

In the past, crowdfunding has been seen as unpredictable or unreliable. When crowdfunding is used for an ongoing project or business model those problems seem to disappear. More and more small publishing companies are continuing to use crowdfunding services like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to help promote and sell their books. For help and tips on getting started with crowdfunding, check out Authority Publishing's article How To Use Crowdfunding To Get Your Book Published. 

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2. Self-Publishing Made Easier

Self-publishing has continued to become an easier and more acceptable form of publishing. Self-publishing authors like Jen Mclaughlin and Deborah Bladon are hitting the New York Times bestseller lists. Studies by Bowker say that the number of self-published titles have tripled since 2006, and continue to grow. As self-publishing continues to mature and become more easily accessible, we will be able to read books from writers all over the world. However, with the growth of the self-publishing world comes greater competition. Authors will need to continue to raise the bar, be more creative, and know the dos and don’ts of self-publishing

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3. Authors Becoming Branding Tools

As the importance of social media has grown, the role author’s play in marketing has increased. Authors, or their publicists, can now interact with their fans on Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and personal blogs. Authors are no longer just writers, but a person that fans and potential readers can easily connect with. It is important to make that personal and emotional connection to help authors and marketers stand out from the crowd. Authors will not only be writing stories. They will tell their own personal stories, and create meaningful connections.

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4. Online and Traditional Marketing Trends Work Together

Even though we live in the age of social media, this does not mean traditional book marketing tools are disappearing. Marketers are combining the old and new. Today, an enormous amount of readers are using tablets and smartphones to access their books. Marketers have the opportunity to reach out to readers on social media in a way they never have before. But, it is important to use social media to help reach potential readers on more traditional book marketing methods. Reading tours, promotional events, podcasts and TV advertising are still extremely important in the book marketing world.

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5. Content is Everything

When it comes down to it, content is still what truly sells books. We live in a new age where there are constantly new resources and tools to help with book marketing. Regardless if someone is doing everything right to market their book, it will not sell if the content is dry and uninteresting. Crowdfunding and self-publishing may help many writers publish content. However, it is important to ensure your book is captivating, interesting, and does not appear as if it was self-published. Taking the extra time to write great content and create a quality cover design remains to be one of the most important trends of book marketing.

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