Dog Basics for Newbies

Dog Basics for Newbies
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Dog Basics for Newbies is the easy to follow complete Dog Guide for new dog owners. Learn everything from how much to feed your dog to how to house train.

About the Book

Dog Basics for Newbies

Dog training can mean many things to different people, but the purpose of it is still the same. Dog training is meant to teach dogs the proper way to behave during different situations. However, what is considered proper, and what is not? 

To a dog’s point of view, his or her actions are perfectly normal, because he or she is a dog. The actions might seem unacceptable to you, because you, of course, are human, with human sensibilities. To make your dog understand your concepts of what is acceptable and what is not, you will have to bridge the gap of communication between a human and a canine. 

It sounds difficult, but communicating with your dog can be relatively easy and rewarding, if you know what you are doing. You will have to prepare yourself to be a proper communicator so your dog can become a proper listener. This book aims to train not only your dog, but also, you, as his or her trainer, as well. 

Within the chapters of this book, you will learn the importance of training to a dog’s psyche, its benefits to both you and your dog, as well as concepts on how to train yourself to be a better trainer. You will learn of a popular and effective training technique, as well as some fundamental training concepts to start you with your dog training. 


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