Leptin Wise Diet: 33 of the Best Delicious Smoothies

Leptin Wise Diet: 33 of the Best Delicious Smoothies
Genre: Health and Fitness
Publisher: PCI Publications
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781773090009

Healthy and Delicious Smoothies by Martina Edwards is another content packed instructional recipe book on the subject of Leptin Wise Dieting and how the hormone affects your body.

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About the Book

Leptin Wise Diet How To Make A Smoothie 33 Delicious Recipes

Healthy and Delicious Smoothies by Martina Edwards. How to make a smoothie for a Leptin Wise Diet, and how this powerful hormone affects your body.

Grab this information packed book on Leptin Diet Smoothies that breaks down the different aspects of creating an awesome Smoothie, plus recipes for 33 Healthy and Delicious Smoothies that are made for you and ready to go.

You will learn why Smoothies are a great addition to any Diet Plan, all about  Superfoods, Fiber and how the different ingredients are used and what they contribute to a Smoothie.

This book covers every aspect of How To Make A Smoothie, which includes the 4 Elements of a Smoothie, the Ingredients and their nutritional contribution to a Smoothie, as well as what equipment to use and many little tips and tricks.

After you have finished reading this book you will not only have a good understanding of the nutritional benefits of Making Healthy and Delicious Smoothies but you will want to try making some of your own recipes.

You will also learn about the many different types of Blenders, how to buy them and which ones are preferred to help you make the very best Smoothies. You will be making Smoothies like a Pro.

Here is what you will learn about How To Make A Smoothie and about Leptin Wise Diet.

  • Why add Smoothies to your Diet
  • Understanding the Nutritional Benefits
  • Protein and Superfoods
  • Dietary Fiber and Smoothies
  • The 4 Elements of a Smoothie
  • How to build your own Smoothies
  • Basic and Advanced Tips
  • Blender Choices Blend like a Pro
  • Smoothie Containers and Storage
  • And much more!

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