Meet The Dynasty Women

Meet The Dynasty Women
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Genres: Christian Living, Relationships Self Help
Publisher: PCI Publications
Publication Year: 2014

Peek into the lives of the infamous Robertson family and what is behind their captivating story lines and real-life characters. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a part of such a dynamic and true to life family?

About the Book

Meet The Dynasty Women: A Deeper Look into the Real Life Stories of the Women at the Heart of the Robertson

The Dynasty Women or better known as the Women of Duck Dynasty are truly a remarkable bunch of Ladies.

We have all come to love and adore the Robertson family as they appear on the ground breaking American reality television show, the Duck Dynasty. The hit TV series, which focuses on the Robertson family and their family-operated business, Duck Commander, has broken all kinds of television industry records in recent times. But behind their captivating story lines and real-life characters, have you ever wondered what’s it like being a vital part of this family?

This eBook will let you in on the secrets of running things at the heart of the Duck Commander from the perspective of the ladies of this family. Prepare to read some intriguing, never-before-heard insights into the lives of the women of the Duck Dynasty.

Are you ready to find out what those revealing insights are? Then peruse through the pages of this book, and get inspired from their heart warming stories, which women, all over the world face in their everyday lives!

The women of Duck Commander are confident beauties who have a strong faith in themselves, and in Jesus. It is this very faith that has helped them climb the ladder of success by creating a happy family, and they have developed a huge fan base in America with their reality television series “Duck Dynasty.” With their intellect, charisma, talent, and charm, they have taken the whole of America by storm.

Most of America is asking whether these women really are who they seem to be on television. The answer to this question is yes, they are! They are, in reality, models of the very essence that makes women what they are: gracious, kind, humorous, humble, friendly, passionate, devoted wives and mothers, and reverence of God. They are genuinely spectacular ladies who have faced the struggles and joys that women all over the world experience.

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