Paleo Life – Paleo Diet

Paleo Life – Paleo Diet
Genre: Health and Fitness
Publisher: PCI Publications
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 19,600 Words
ISBN: 9781310745690

The Paleo Diet sometimes dubbed the Caveman Diet is about getting back to our basic ancestral food systems. Sounds simple and intriguing, but with today's on slot of processed and fast food how do we ever get back to basics? Well, Paleo Life teach you how. This book is written in an easy to read format on the history, science and a blueprint to integrate the Paleo Diet with your lifestyle today.

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About the Book

The Paleo Diet Gave Cavemen the Stamina to Escape Saber-Tooth Tigers – What Can It Do For You?

Maybe you have not had to fight any saber-tooth tigers lately but trying to eat healthily and lose or maintain your weight with today's unhealthy food choices can be as big of a challenge, so how about the Paleo Diet?

With such a wide range of diet plan choices today, why are so many people choosing to follow the Paleo diet? What makes the Paleo diet better than other diets? How can I integrate the Paleo Diet into my lifestyle today and the biggest question is “will I lose weight”?

Paleo Lifstyle

Paleo Life answers these questions and much more in this content packed and easy to read ebook. You will also learn about the history and science behind the Paleo way of life.

In addition to providing you with fascinating facts about the Paleo diet, Paleo Life includes a handy two-week meal plan that maps out 14 days of delicious Paleo-approved meals (you can use it as your grocery list, too!).

Paleo Life will show you how adopting a Paleo lifestyle can reduce your risk of sickness and diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer while making it easier for you to get and stay slim and enjoy good health and well-being.

In Paleo Life, you will learn about:

  • The rules of the Paleo diet
  • Tips and tricks for implementing the Paleo diet into your life
  • How athletes should make adjustments to the diet
  • How to use the diet during pregnancy
  • Common questions and answers about the Paleo lifestyle.
  • Why you may be failing with Paleo and how to fix it

Paleo Life will show you how to kick-start your journey to health and wellness!

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Paleo Diet