How to Manipulate People

How to Manipulate People
Genre: Relationships Self Help
Publisher: PCI Publications
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 5,590 Words
ISBN: 9781773090047

This day and age, we are continually manipulated by media, our employers, politicians and, of course, sales men. Most people believe that it is part of the game called life and we always have to be on guard. This book will teach you basic people manipulation techniques so that you will understand how to protect yourself from being manipulated and be able to use these strategies to get what you want.

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About the Book

Manipulation Psychology and how to Influence People

This book will teach you what to look for and how to protect yourself so that you can come out on top and avoid being the subject of manipulation. It taps into deep levels of psychological functions which can show you how to influence other people, making them agree with you and your wants, but at the same time how to be in control of the situation.

Personal and business relationships can go a lot smoother with the help of the techniques offered in this book. You can also direct other people to work for or with you to achieve your goals. Influencing other people has always been viewed in two ways, the positive and negative. Manipulation books such as this one will guide you on how to know the difference by setting general limitations which everyone can follow.

Here is some of what is covered in the book:

  • The different elements of manipulation
  • The psychology of manipulation and its negative side
  • Positive and negative reinforcement
  • The difference between lying and lying by omission
  • Guilt and shaming minimizing and denial

Get informed and start understanding these techniques today so that you can be the one in charge of all your interactions, you can come out on top and never be the victim of manipulation again.

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