Sex Addiction Broken Hearts Broken Dreams

Sex Addiction Broken Hearts Broken Dreams
Genre: Relationships Self Help
Publisher: PCI Publications
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 15,810 Words
ISBN: 9780995093232

Sex addiction destroys the spirit of the addict, and anyone the addict is close to. Cathy M. describes her first hand experience of having a sex addicted husband, the pain and suffering they went through, and how they took the first steps toward recovery.

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About the Book

 A Step by Step Guide on How to Live with a Spouses Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a topic that is not as openly discussed. Many do not understand how sex addiction is just as serious and challenging to deal with as any other addiction. Cathy M. opens up and shares her personal story and experience with sex addiction. She lets you see into her world, and allows those that are unfamiliar with sex addiction to fully understand the true challenges sex addicts and their loved ones face.

However, Cathy M. does not only reach out to help others understand how sex addiction can consume lives. She helps anyone who has found themselves in the same situation as her, or feels they may have an addiction themselves.

This book is made to help anyone with an addiction to make the first step and begin their journey towards a life free of addiction. Pick up Sex Addiction: Broken Hearts Broken Dreams today and start learning the ins and outs of sex addiction, and how you or someone you know can take the first step towards an addiction free future.

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 What others are saying:

I initially picked up this book wondering if I was a sex addict myself. While I eventually came to the conclusion that I'm not, this book helped to clear up a lot of misconceptions I previously had on this subject. Cathy really delves into the symptoms of sex addiction, and explains the preoccupation with sexual acts they suffer from. After this, she outlines a plan to help deal with this addiction and live a freer life. If you are a sex addict, this book will help you take the first steps to recovery. If you know a sex addict, this book will help you understand their issues, and perhaps you can help them to adapt.

James O'Brien

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