Children’s Books – Amazon Makes It Easier Than Ever Before

Self-publishing picture books vs traditional publishing

Self-publishing Children's Books Has Never Been Simpler

Children's ebook publishing has been a very difficult industry to break into. But thankfully, due to ever growing technology, self-publishing great looking children's books has become much easier.

Amazon recently launched the KDP Kindle Kid’s Book Creator. This new tool for creating children's books has a popup import tool to quickly import pictures and illustrations with and quick preview to see the progress of your ebook. Self-publishing children's books are much easier and more accessible.

Why Digital Kids Books?

  • According to Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn: Schools are moving to tablets for learning – some are iPad specific, and others are Kindle Fire. It depends on the school district. While print books are more expensive, kids know they can get more for their money and subsequently are reading more ebooks.
  • Digital Book World 2015 states that Children are starting to read e-books at a younger age, and the e-book format is growing as a percentage share of all books purchased.
  • This new generation of parents and kids are used to e-books and reading on a screen. For some generations, the idea of reading a book on anything but a paperback may seem atrocious. However, today, parents and kids are not only starting to become comfortable with e-books but prefer them. They are easy to purchase and access wherever you are.

Why KDP Kid's Book Creator?

  •  KDP Kindle Kid’s Book Creator gives authors of self-publishing picture books the freedom to publish on their own terms. Some individuals find that traditional forms of publishing do not quite allow them the creative freedom they desire. For others, certain obstacles make it challenging to break into traditional publishing. In fact, according to recent studies, women are more successful in self-publishing industries.
  • It is now much easier to publish and create a new book with the tools offered by KDP Kid’s Book Creator. Previously you had to deal with loads of money and design experts to help with self-published picture books. Now the resources you need are right at your fingertips (literally). However, even though KDP Children's Book Creator makes it much easier to self-publish picture books, a quality children’s book still requires plenty of work.

How to Get Started Self-Publishing Picture Books?

  • Creating your Picture e-book: KDP Kid’s Book Creator makes it much easier to self-publish your new book, but the actual creating process can still take some time and hard work. Thankfully, there are many resources out there to help. The Ultimate Guide to Publishing Your E-book on Amazon’s Kindle Platform helps outline the process one goes through when self-publishing picture books.
  • Formatting: Many authors find the most challenging part of self-publishing, picture books to be the formatting of the e-book. It can challenge to do yourself if you do not have a great understanding of HTML. Many authors decide to pay for an e-book conversion service. Another option is to purchase a onetime eBook creator software. The Ultimate eBook Creator is an excellent software that helps writers organize their content, guides you on the process of self-publishing on the KDP Kid’s Book Creator, and helps format your e-book for you. That is a great option if you are interested in publishing multiple digital children’s books.

self-publishing children's books has never been easier

The Ultimate eBook Creator

Publishing and Marketing: The KDP Kindle Kid's Book Creator helps make this process fun and easy. They will guide you step by step on how to publish your book, offer a KDP Cover Creator tool, and even offer marketing tools to help you promote and sell your new book.

Currently, there is less competition in the children’s book world. With the KDP Kindle Kid's Book Creator it is easier now more than ever to self-publish picture books. It will be exciting to see where this game-changing program brings the children’s digital book industry.