Reading Comprehension 5 Easy Steps To Speedy Reading

Reading Comprehension

Simple Strategies For Faster Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is basically a fancy term used to explain the process of understanding text that is being read. To some, it may seem like a no-brainer. But, being able to read, think, and comprehend each and every word that you are reading is much harder than it seems. You're doing a lot at once. Although reading comprehension tends to get easier as you get older,  it is important to follow these steps to increase your own level of comprehension. Like wise it is important to encourage and increase reading comprehension at an early age.  Whether you constantly have to go back and re-read that last paragraph or re-scan a couple of sentences, these easy steps will get you to a higher level of reading enjoyment and comprehension.

1: Build Background Knowledge

Building background knowledge about a topic of book can be a powerful tool for increased reading comprehension. Before a book is even opened, start practicing the following technics. First, think about the content you are about to read. Read the title, analyze the cover and maybe even read the table of contents. This is an effective step to encourage improved comprehension with very little actually reading involved. This will allow you to already have an idea of the topic and what is going to be discussed in the text. You get a background before the story even begins. Otherwise it is like walking into a room blindfolded. Instead, you already know where you're going,  you have a head start. This is  why improving your background knowledge is so important.

2: Introduce Vocabulary for Reading Comprehension

Having the right vocabulary is a vital component to building background knowledge. For example, if somebody has never visited a science museum, they may not comprehend some of the words associated to this topic. This is why it is important to infuse knowledge on a wide variety of subjects through your vocabulary. It can enhance your ability to understand text and improve your overall reading comprehension. Another excellent way to build reading comprehension, especially within children is to relate the text to something in your life. Ask yourself questions or think of things that are similar or remind of a memory. These simple thought processes have an incredible ability to make the text more real and increase comprehension.

3: Build Fluency to Increase Comprehension

Fluency is also an important element to increase reading comprehension in literacy. You have likely heard someone read out very loud and slow, or find yourself having to go back and re-read words or sentences. While this is a common for most people, try to decode the words while also thinking about them, with practice there should no longer be interruptions in your reading. To encourage fluency, select books that are perfect or just slightly above your vocabulary or reading level. This should help promote smoother reading without having to read and re-read the text. Sometimes that's all you need to get the flow going and to encourage stronger overall comprehension.

4: Read Different Varieties of Text

There are many different kinds of reading materials out there and you may tend to gravitate towards one form. Try to switching it up. It may be as simple as reading non-fiction instead of fiction, or reading magazines instead of a books. There is also different forms of text such as instructions material, or different writing styles or authors. The more varieties that you read, the stronger and more widespread your reading skills will be.

5: Provide Meaning For Reading Comprehension

To further increase your comprehension, once you have finished reading, take a moment to recall exactly what you have read. Consider the story line, and ask yourself meaningful questions to help retain the information. This will act sort of like a footprint in your brain that the story can be related back to, not only from the text, but also from the reflection that followed. It just deepens your comprehension. Reading comprehension is very easy to encourage, yet can be challenging to learn. That is why is vital to consider these 5 easy steps for increasing your comprehension and implement them into your reading practices. Just be sure to give yourself some extra time so you can not only read the story, but also review and understand the story afterward.