Amazon Adds Kindle Textbook Creator App

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Kindle Textbook Creator App creates eTextbooks

Kindle Textbook Creator App Helps Teachers Become Published Authors

It's now possible for teachers to create a Kindle textbook from their course notes, study guides and class handouts  with Amazon's free Kindle Textbook Creator App. Educators can take their teaching materials in an existing PDF format, import them and self-publish them through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Teachers can publish their material in a textbook format that will be made available on free Kindle reading apps for smartphones, iPads, Android tablets, PCs and Macs. This tool is designed for educational content that is graphically rich with complex content such as graphs, charts and equations.

Kindle Education has many features including dictionary look-up, notebook, highlighting, and built in flashcards to make for a more robust learning experience. Books published through KDP can reach millions of students worldwide. And the books can be promoted through Amazon's marketing tools including personalized widgets such as ‘More items to consider' and ‘Customers With Similar Searches Purchased'.

Right now the app is in beta, can be downloaded for Mac or PC and is only available in English. A final book created with Kindle Textbook Creator will be limited to 650 MB. KDP also has a Cover Creator tool to create a book cover for the textbook or a user can upload their own. A User Guide is available and provides step-by-step instructions with an Introduction to the App, and sections on Creating and Editing Your Textbook, and Publishing Your Textbook.

Teachers can now easily enter the arena of self-publishing with this free app from Amazon and provide their students with an educational tool that is just another stepping stone on the journey of this interactive type of e-learning. Can't wait to see what the future holds.