Leptin Resistance Insulin Resistance Diabetes and Long Life

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 What Is Leptin Resistance

According to a renowned endocrinologist, all the hormones in the body affect each other in one way or the other. The two hormones leptin and insulin are no different. Whenever a single hormone gets out of balance, all other hormones will eventually be affected which can lead to Leptin ResistanceBoth insulin and leptin are vital hormones that work to keep you in optimal health.

Leptin is a protein hormone that is released by fat cells in order to regulate appetite and metabolism. It was discovered in 1994 by Jeffrey M. Friedman at Rockefeller University. Since then, it has helped doctors learn more about obesity and its relationship with leptin resistance.

When released in high levels, leptin reduces appetite and sets off the fat burning process by signalling the brain. However, in low levels, it will make a person feel hungry and eat food, as well as store energy from food. Get the book and read more about this amazing hormone!!

Leptin Resistance Insulin Resistance Diabetes and Long Life

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