4 Of The Best Social Media Strategies to Promote Books

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How To Promote Books -Top 4 Social Media Websites

One of the most important ways to promote books is your presence on social media. Social media is the key way to get people excited and talking about your book. It is hands down the most efficient way to promote books as part of your publicity and presence on social media. Unfortunately, so many publishers forget this incredibly important step.

With so many different social networking sites and tools on the web, it can be overwhelming to learn and manage your social media presence. Here is a breakdown of the most widely used social network communities that you can use as a powerful tool to promote your books.

1. Facebook:

With over 1 billion users, it is incredibly important to be searchable and have a presence on Facebook. Here are a few tips on how to create a following, and promote books on Facebook.

  • Create an author page:
  • While having a personal Facebook profile is important, having a page dedicated to your books and your writing interests will make you stand out as a professional author. Standoutbooks has an excellent guide that will walk you through how to create the most compelling author Facebook page.
  • Relevant and informative posts:
  • Your author page is there to help promote books. However, if you continually only post promotional or sales material, you will quickly lose fans. Make your post helpful and exciting to the reader. Try posting interesting quotes from your books, post informative articles, or talk about upcoming events.
  • Seize the moment:
  • Instead of spamming your post feed with your books, take opportunities to sell and promote your books in a way that is helpful for your readers. Take advantage of the holidays to talk about how your book makes the perfect gift, or try promotional events or contests to get readers interested.

These tips will help get authors started in the Facebook world of book promoting, but there is always more to learn. The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising: How to Access 1 Billion Customers in 10 Minutes helps give a more detailed guide to bring attention to your book.


Twitter is one of the quickest ways to keep your audience updated. In fact, often breaking news will hit Twitter before anywhere else, as it is incredibly easy to type 140 characters than to write a whole article. Here are a few of the best practices on Twitter to help promote books, and keep your audience updated.

Tweet quotes from your book:

Tweeting quotes about your book is one of the most fun and exciting ways to get the world excited about what’s to come in your book. Try picking quotes that are attention grabbing, or, give highly informative information. For more information on what to tweet, check out the Savvy Book Marketer article on what authors should Tweet.

Use hashtags:

Hashtags are one of the best ways to find followers and gain attention on Twitter. Sadly though, many people do not understand the power of the hashtag. It is important to use hashtags that relate to and draw attention to your book. Also, try tweeting about and using hashtags that relate to current trends.

Interact on Twitter:

Twitter makes it very easy to communicate with others as you do not have to be friends to network with them. Interact with fans, thank people that tweet about you, and engage in Twitter conversations. By taking that extra step to get involved in the Twitter community, you will gain more loyal fans.

Don’t just talk about yourself:

It is okay to promote books on Twitter but don’t overdo it. If you are continually tweeting about your book, then people may start to unfollow you. A great tweeter talks about other topics that interest them, and also, they promote and discuss other books and authors they enjoy. Also, if you help someone else out, they will be willing to help you out when the time comes. Have a look at this book about Twitter Marketing That Sells: How to Convert Your Twitter Followers into Business Dollars.


LinkedIn is typically not the first social network site authors think of when wanting to market their book. But conversely, it can be immensely helpful and useful when trying to reach the professional and business-oriented audience. It is also an excellent way to make connections with companies and individuals who can help you sell your book in bulk, or speak at an event. These are a few ways to start to promote your book and make the right connections on LinkedIn.

Find and participate in groups:

Search for groups related to publishing, writing, or your book topic. Contribute to the groups, engage with other members, and create connections. Depending on the group and your book, it can be good to post information or excerpts from your book as well.

Add your book to your headline or title:

That is one of the first things others will see when visiting your page. You can even add your website link to your headline as well if you have one (and you should).

Make it easy for others to access your book: Be sure to put links to not only your other social networks, but a direct link to buy your book. You can edit your website link to have a direct connection to your books sales page.

Be sure to put links to not only your other social networks but a direct link to buy your book. You can edit your website link to have a direct connection to your books sales page.

Learn how to use targeted keywords:

By using certain keywords, you can immensely build your contacts and attract more people to your profile. Linked Influence is an online course that can teach you how to use keywords network more efficiently and more.


Google+ may seem like another Facebook but check out these key features that make it truly stand out and play a significant role in book promotion. In fact, according to Learn Success The Easy Way, “Google Plus was the fastest social network to 100 million users. In fact, it will be the fastest social network to 500 million users.” Here are some essential tips on how to take advantage of Google Plus to promote your book.

  • Use hashtags:

Hashtags are just as important on Google+ as they are on Twitter and Facebook. Thankfully, Google+ makes it very easy for users to use hashtags, showing you trending hashtags to help you along. Sometimes Google+ will even add hashtags for you.


Generate relevant, interesting posts:

Google+ is one of the best social networking sites to post on for several reasons. To begin with, there is no maximum length, meaning you can even put a whole chapter in a post and send it to just a circle of friends that would be willing to give you feedback. You can also publicly post as well as create multimedia posts. That allows you to connect to your audience in a whole new way. You can reach out to a larger number of people, and in fact, you can keep them updated with videos of book signings and events. Google+ may be the most exciting social network to post on.


Take advantage of Google Hangouts:

Another feature unique to Google+ that is extremely useful to authors. Google+ Hangout allows you to have a group video chat with up to ten people. Or, for larger audiences, do a Hangout on Air which will stream your video to Google + and YouTube. Authors can use this tool to reach out to fans or have public book readings.

These are just a few of the many ways you can use Google+ to promote your book. Google+ is a social network that is growing every day, and should not be ignored when it comes to book promotion. For additional information on how to get started, and use Google+ to help promote your book, try reading What the Plus!: Google+ for the Rest of Us  (can’t go wrong with a book title like that).

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