Self-Publishing Industry Ruled By Women

Self-publishing women reading a book

Women Emerge In The Self-Publishing Industry It’s finally changing, Women are steadily gaining more power in the writing and self-publishing world. For the first time, women are slowly and steadily taking over  in an industry that for years has been dominated by men. According to an article in The Guardian, a report from online publishing…

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Book Marketing Trends of 2016

Book Marketing Trends

How To Excel Your Book Marketing for 2016 The book marketing world is continuously changing and evolving like never before. It is immensely important to stay knowledgeable of new tools and strategies. These 5 important book marketing trends will help you stay on top in 2016. 1. Larger Use of Crowdfunding In the past, crowdfunding…

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Top 6 Ways on How to Make Money Blogging

Monetizing your blog

How to Make Money Blogging Even  With A Small Site Once you start compiling your content and adding it to your blog, it’s time to start thinking about How to Make Money Blogging, with your new found information. I’ve got a few ideas to help you get started, so let’s get to it – I…

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Simple Strategies To Create Powerful Content To Elevate Your Blog


Good Content Number One Way To Make Your Blog Excell. Now that you recognize you need excellent content and material for your blog and why, it’s time to go on to the meat of this chapter. I guaranteed I ‘d tell you the best ways to get that material without wearing your fingers to the…

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Make Money Blogging! Not a Writer? Not a Problem.

Use These Simple Strategies To Make Money Blogging and Fullful Your Dream. Most avid readers have always dreamed of becoming a writer and being the next J.K Rowling, well maybe not, but many people dream about publishing a book or perhaps how to make money blogging. I invite you to follow along on this series of…

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